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Brian zu Justin: "So are you coming or going? Or coming and then going? Or coming and staying?"

Brian zu Lindsay: "Wish I could have been there. How often do I get to see Snatch?"

Melanie zu Justin: "And who the f*ck are you?"
Brian: "His name's..."
Michael: "Justin."
Brian: "You were on the phone when he shot his load all over me."
Lindsay: "Yuck! Brian!"
Brian: "He can't help it. He's only 17."
Melanie: "So you and Lindsay each had an infant tonight."
Brian: "Yeah but mine doesn't suck on my tits... unless I want him to."

Melanie: "Careful, don't drop him (Gus)!"
Brian: "That's just what I was planning on doing."

Brian zu Justin: "Pop quiz, no talking. Here's your question. Multiple choice. Do you want to come home with me? A: yes. B: yes. Or C: yes. Tick tick tick! Time's up, pencils down. What do you say?"

Brian zu Justin: "Now relax. I want you to always remember this. So no matter who you're ever with, I'll always be there..."

Brian zu Michael über Justin: "I couldn’t send him out without a nourishing high-protein breakfast."

Schüler: "Justin, wanna suck my cock?"
Brian "No, but I'll kick your tight little virgin ass so hard you won't sit down for a week!"


Brian zu Kunden: "The difference between our beer and their beer, is our beer says, 'Sex,' not Clydesdales. If you wanna be cool, if you wanna be popular, if you wanna get laid, this is what you drink."

Brian zu Justin: "So, Dawson, how are things down at the Creek?"

Brian zu Justin: "I don't believe in love. I believe in f*cking. It's honest, it's efficient. You get in and out with the maximum of pleasure, and minimum of bullshit. Love is something that straight people tell themselves they're in, so they can get laid. And they end up hurting each other, because it was all based on lies to begin with. If that's what you want, then go find yourself a pretty little girl... and get married."

Brian zu Michael: "There’s only two kinds of straight people in this world: the ones that hate you to your face and the ones that hate you behind your back."


Brian zu Michael: "The point of a date, so it's been explained to me by those who do that sort of thing, is that you actually get to know the other person before you f*ck them..."

Brian zu Lindsay: "Melanie‘s just jealous, because she thinks you love me more than you love her, and she’s right."

Brian zu Michael: "I tune out self-pity. It makes my dick soft."


Lindsay: "Justin has an amazing feel for the human form."
Brian: "Yes, I've noticed that myself."

Brian: "F*ck groups!"
Lindsay: "I thought you did."
Brian: "Occasionally. But it’s by invitation only."

Michael über Justins Zeichnung von Brian: "I think the artist has taken some liberties."
Brian: "It's a perfect likeness!"
Michael: "Come on, it was never that big!"
Brian: "Hey, you haven't seen it in a long time..."
Michael: "I haven't seen "Gone with the Wind" in a long time either, but I know it's still three and half hour!"

David: "What about you? What do you do?"
Brian: "Advertising.
David: "Well, you must know a thing or two about screwing people yourself."
Brian: "Yeah, I could do it in my sleep."

Brian: "You know, Dave, what’s weird about your meeting Mikey, is that we usually meet guys together."
David: "And they usually end up with you."
Brian: "The lucky ones."


Brian zu Michael: "Listen, you can't stay. I've got someone coming over in approximately seven and a half inches."


Brian zu Craig: "So, in other words, for Justin to live here with you, he has to deny who he is, what he thinks and how he feels... Well, that's not love. That's hate. Justin, you coming?"

Brian: "It's not lying if they make you lie. If the only truth they can accept is their own."


Brian zu Lindsay: "12 Armani suits, 4 Gucci belts, 6 pairs of Prada shoes, gone. I’m starting to suspect gay-on-gay crime.


Michael: "Not Santa, don't tell me you f*cked Santa!!"
Brian: "Even I wouldn't do that, I'm not into fat... His elf!"


Brian zu Michael: "Yeah, the French anti-ageing shit costs a hundred dollars a tube, and it doesn't work. I still don't look nineteen."


Brian und Mel: "What if my aunt had balls? She'd be my uncle."

Brian zu Justin: "I know it's scarier choosing your own path than doing what's expected of you."

Michael: " I don't wanna be a saint. I wanna be a ruthless, heartless shit who f*cks whoever he wants without conscience or remorse!"
Brian: "Sorry, that position has already been filled."


Emmett zu Justin: "Having recently made love to a woman, I can give you a few pointers."
Brian: "Banging a bull-dyke for Jesus isn't exactly making love."

Brian zu Michael: "If you don't earn respect when you're alive, you don't deserve it when you're dead."


David: "What's wrong with this contest is that it exposes the single most tragic flaw of gay culture."
Brian: "It exposes a lot more than that, Doc."
David: "And that is our almost pathological obsession with youth, beauty, and smooth, muscular bodies."
Brian: "I know, what a shame."
David: "And until we break free of our stunted adolescence and our superficial values will always be boys, never men."
Brian: "Is that all?"
Michael: "I happen to find what David is saying to be profoundly insightful."
Brian: "I find it to be profoundly full of shit. An opinion put forth as true by a bunch of hypocritical, jealous, guilt-ridden, self-loathing, middle-aged, sexually frustrated, pseudo-intellectual fags who wish they were straight."

Michael: "David gets up at six o'clock every morning and runs five miles, while you’re still in bed."
Brian: "I feel that's where I get my best cardio workout."

Lindsay: "I want wrinkles, I want to have grey hair, I want Gus to make me a grandmother. I want to grow old with Melanie."
Brian: "Do you want me to puke right here?"


Brian: "To go out in a blaze of glory. Like Cobain, James Dean... Hendrix. They're all legends. They'll always be young, and they will always be beautiful".
Michael: "And they will always be dead."
Brian: "Life's not worth living, if you don't take risks!"

Brian: "Why do you always have to ruin everything?"
Michael: "Ruin? I'm saving you! Just like Toby Harper saved Captain Astro in issue 231 of Astro Comics when Captain Astro thought that he lost all of his super powers."
Brian: "God, you are so pathetic."

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