Quotes - Brian Kinney


Staffel 3

Michael: "Christ, Brian! How'd you get in here?"
Brian: "My widdle key."


Trick: "You’re just kicking me out?"
Brian: "You got it."
Trick: "Why’re the best f*cks always the biggest jerks?"


Ethan: "An artist always does his best work when he has someone he loves to inspire him."
Brian: "Huh. Yeah, so I’ve been told."


Brian: "There’s nothing noble about being poor."
Ethan: "You probably woulda played for the Nazis too."
Brian: "If it had kept me alive for one more day, you’re goddamn f*cking right, I would."

Debbie: "A lot of people freeze up under pressure. You know, it’s called performance anxiety. Right, Brian?"
Brian: "Never heard of it."

Lindsay: "Jesus, Brian, you know how Stockwell feels about gay people. How could you sell your soul to the devil?"
Brian: "I haven't sold my soul, I'm just billing for time and expenses."


Brian zu Mikey: "Your sperm actually liked Melanie's eggs, ugh."


Michael: "Sure didn't take them long to reopen."
Brian:" Well, I told you, it's all a game. He closes them down, they pay a little fine, he gets a hit in the press. Your mom's the one who had to take it seriously."
Michael: "She doesn't know about games. She takes everything to heart. You, on the other hand, are the perfect political animal. Hands steady, eyes fixed firmly on the target, say anything, do anything…"
Brian: "He canned me."
Michael: "Huh?"
Brian: "Stockwell. He f*cking canned me."
Michael: "What for?"
Brian: "For being here. One of his cops recognized me."
Michael: "Trapped in a web of your own deceit, a victim of your own machinations."
Brian: "Save the bad dialogue for the comic book."


Michael über Brian: "He already has a boyfriend!"
Hunter: "You do?"
Brian: "In a non-defined, non-conventional way, yeah!"

Michael: "You f*cked the murderer?"
Hunter: "What’s the big deal? I used a condom."
Brian: "Well, your safe-sex lectures paid off."

Michael: "I was trying to help."
Michael: "You were trying to impress Brian!"
Brian: "Yeah, well, he wouldn’t be the first one!"

Brian zu Justin: "If someone had told me what you were up to, I would have fired your ass... If I didn’t have my dick inside it."


Debbie: "What are you two doing?"
Brian: "What does it look like we’re doing ? We cop-ulating!"

Brian: "You know, Stockwell may be a dick, but at least he's not a pussy!"

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