Quotes - Brian Kinney


Staffel 4


Brian: "This is like that time in 7th grade when I lent you my brand new 10-speed and when you brought it back my front fender was crushed, my seat was torn..."
Michael: "I was hit by a bus!"


Brian: "I'd rather have my tongue super-glued to a lesbian's twat."

Brian: "Basic rule of advertising and eternal damnation: Once you sell your soul to the devil, he holds the copyright."


Brian: "Justin is a big boy. He should be allowed to make his own mistakes."

Brian: "Yeah well, that's the thing about being a superhero. The average person thinks it's all about stopping two planets from colliding or saving the universe from being swallowed by a black hole. But most days, it's just your average run-of-the-mill good deeds."

Brian zu Jen: "I've always dreamed of having an office with a drain in the floor."

Brian: "I miss the old orgy room."
Jennifer: "You could make it a conference room."
Brian: "It's perfect - for screwing the competition."

Brian: "Why'd you treat Michael like that?"
Emmett: "Like what?"
Brian: "Like he's an insignificant piece of shit."
Emmett: "What the f*ck business is it of yours?"
Brian: "Anybody who hurts Michael is the f*ck my business."
Emmett: "Yeah well, maybe he hurt me too."
Brian: "By being friends with Theodore?"
Emmett: "You are the one who told me to forget him. That he's dead. Right here on this very dance floor."
Brian: "Well, guess what? Like Jesus and Liza and Judy, he's making a comeback."
Emmett: "And now everybody wants to give him a standing ovation, just like nothing ever happened."
Brian: "Listen to me, Honeycutt. Are you listening? Michael is your friend, just the same as he's Ted's. But if you force him to choose between you, you're going to lose him."


Brian: "Listen to me. Are you listening?"
Ted: "I'm listening."
Brian: "You may be a pathetic drug addict who's lost everything - your dignity, your livelihood, your lover, your good name, the respect and trust of everyone you know…"
Ted: "No one gives a pep talk like you, Bri."
Brian: "But there's one thing you haven't lost. You're still an accountant. That's who you are. Not even the lowest form of degradation can take that away from you."


Michael: "He (Ben)wants me to be honest, to tell him what I really think."
Brian: "And what do you really think?"
Michael: "It was kinda boring (Bens Buch)."
Brian: "Kinda like him? He's your partner, Mikey. You gotta sit him down, take his hand and tell him "Honey, it's a steaming pile of horseshit.""
Michael: "Could you say that to Justin?"
Brian: "Yeah. Fortunately, the lad's a genius."


Brian zu seiner Mutter Joan: "If I have spend eternity of eternities burning in hell, its better than spending one good day in heaven with you!"


Brian zu Justin: "And as for the times when you're not around, I wouldn't particularly mind it if you were."

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