Quotes - Brian & Justin


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Brian: "Where are you heading?"
Justin: "No place special."
Brian: "I can change that..."

Brian: "Do you like Special K?"
Justin: "It's okay. I like cheerios better"

Brian: "How old are you really?"
Justin: "Twenty... Nineteen... Eighteen..."
Brian: "Well, what is this? A missile launch?"

Brian: "What is with kids today?"
Justin: "We just want to get laid like everybody else."

Brian: "Don't get smart, or I'll have to spank you."
Justin: "Oh, really?"

Justin: "When can I see you again?"
Brian: "I’ll see you in your dreams."


Brian: "Good. Give him some activities, so he'll stop stalking me."
Justin: "Don’t flatter yourself!"


Justin: "Guess what I got today."
Brian: "A new bell for your bicycle?"
Justin: "A nipple ring."
Brian: "Every piece of trash has something stuck through their ear or their nose or their belly button. Or their cock. What makes you think I'm even remotely interested that you have a ring through your tit."


Brian: "What are you doing here (Woody's), isn't it a school night?"
Justin: "You're here."
Brian: "Well, I'm a grown up."
Justin: "Barely."


Brian: "This is not the White House! George Washington never slept here."
Justin: "He's the only one who hasn't."


Brian: "His life was just going to hang there, like some shirt in the closet you never wear."
Justin: "So you pushed him away."
Brian: "It was the only course of action."
Justin: "Yeah, but now he hates you."
Brian: "That's okay. As long as Mikey's happy."
Justin: "God, you must really love him."


Justin: "You drink too much coffee."
Brian: "This isn't coffee. It's latte."
Justin: "It's just coffee that cost five bucks."

Brian: "You're going out of state?"
Justin: "Why? Do you give a shit?"
Brian: "It's just the first I've heard of it, that's all."
Justin: "You do. You give a shit! You give a shit! You so care about me! You love me so much!"
Brian: "Get out!"
Justin: "Brian Kinney gives a shit!"
Brian: "F*ck you."


Brian: "Alright, so I'm a shitty father. Are we surprised? I'm upholding a fine family tradition!"
Justin: "You are not a shitty father."

Brian: "What're you doing?"
Justin: "Killing you with kindness. It's proven to be a highly effective technique for achieving one's goals."

Brian: "Well, don't think that you've won. That it's over. Because the minute you do that, you're dead."
Justin: "Not as long as I've got you to protect me."


Brian: "I taught him everything he knows."
Justin: "Except how to dance."

Justin: "After a while, he got really clingy. He wanted to know when he could see me again."
Brian: "So, what’d you tell him?"
Justin: "I told him that he could see me in his dreams."


Brian: "Why would I want to go to a stupid prom with a bunch of f*cking 18 year-olds?"
Justin: "I thought you liked f*cking 18 year-olds."

Brian: "We gave them a prom they'll never forget."
Justin: "Me, neither. It's the best night of my life."
Brian: "Even if it was ridiculously romantic."

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