Quotes - Brian & Justin


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Brian: "Better now?"
Justin: "Mmhmm."
Brian: "You really freaked me out."
Justin: "You?"
Brian: "It was like you got hit all over again."
Justin: "I remembered walking away, and suddenly hearing your voice call my name to warn me. You never told me about that. You tried to save me."
Brian: "Guess I forgot."
Justin: "It’s a good thing one of us remembered.... I want you inside me."
Brian: "Are you sure?"
Justin: "Yeah, just take it easy."
Brian: "Like the first time?"


Brian: "Hey stud. Wanna dance?"
Justin: "Shut up."
Brian: "I promise you won't forget this one."

Brian: "I'll be glad when Pride's over so we can all go back to being ashamed."
Justin: "You're just grumpy 'cause you had to look after Gus all day and no one hit on you."
Brian: "Plenty of people hit on me. Unfortunately, they all happened to be lesbians wanting my sperm."


Justin: "I promise I’ll let you blow me tomorrow night."
Brian: "Yeah, well, who says I’ll be in the mood?"
Justin: "You’re always in the mood, which is kind of amazing when you think of it. I mean, at your age."

Justin: "What are you doing?"
Brian: "Just doodling."


Brian: "Don't get the idea that we're some married couple 'cause we're not. We're not like f*cking straight people. We're not like your parents, and we're not a pair of dykes marching down the aisle in matching Vera Wangs. We're queers and if we're together it's because we want to be, not because there are locks on our doors. So if I'm out late, assume I'm doing exactly what I want to be doing, I'm f*cking. And when I come home I'll also be doing exactly what I want to do...coming home to you."
Justin: "Okay I want some things too. You can f*ck whoever you want as long as it isn't twice, same for me. And no names or numbers exchanged, and no matter where you are, no matter what you're doing you always come home. By two."
Brian: "Four."
Justin: "Three. One more thing...you don’t kiss anyone on the mouth but me."


Justin: "We're really lucky."
Brian: "What living in this land of plenty? Roll over."
Justin: "No, everytime Michael & Ben have sex think of all that they have to deal with."
Brian: "It's Michael's decision. Is that a pimple on your ass?"
Justin: "Where?"
Brian: "Right there."
Justin: "Where!?"
Brian: "Right there!"
Justin: "Shut up. No matter how long they're together, even if it's forever, they could never do it raw."
Brian: "Neither can we."
Justin: "Yes, but we could, if we wanted, I mean we're both negative."
Brian: "You want me to f*ck you bareback?"
Justin: "Yes."
Brian: "Come inside your tight little ass?"
Justin: "Do it, f*ck me."
Brian: "F*ck…yourself."
Justin: "What?"
Brian: "You stupid little twat, never let anyone f*ck you without a condom."
Justin: "You're not just anyone."
Brian: "Yeah, I'm sure that's what Ben thought about the guy who infected him. Put it on me. I want you safe; I want you around for a long time."


Brian: "You’re finally up."
Justin: "What time is it?"
Brian: "It’s time to take care of your morning hard on, although it’s after noon. Somebody got home late last night."
Justin: "2:58. Just under the wire."
Brian: "Little Daphne must have had some kick ass party."
Justin: "It was all right."
Brian: "My nose tells me it was better than all right. I smell a varsity lacrosse player."
Justin: "Way off."
Brian: "Hold. It’s coming. A nice tight computer nerd."
Justin: "You’re getting warmer."
Brian: "The scent of innocence’s. Uh, a virgin?"
Justin: "A lucky guess."
Brian: "...You kissed him."


Justin: "I can’t. Believe. You’re f*cking. Me. Again!"
Brian: "It. Was your. Idea. To steal. Ted’s. Viagra!"


Brian: "The first time you came here, you didn't know anything about me. I could've done anything to you."
Justin: "I was pretty sure you were going to f*ck me."


Justin: "Lesbians are into endangered species."
Brian: "Yeah, unfortunately they aren't one of them."


Justin: "I told you that I can pay for it myself."
Brian: "With your secret Swiss bank account?"
Justin: "I’ll get another job. A real job, one that actually pays."
Brian: "What, so you’ll make three, four hundred a week."
Justin: "So I will apply for a scholarship or a loan."
Brian: "What are you going to use for collateral, your ass? Stop being such a twat; I’m just trying to help."
Justin: "You’ve helped enough; I practically owe you my f*cking life."
Brian: "What do you mean practically?"
Justin: "Look, I don’t want you to feel like you always have to take care of me, and I don’t want to feel that way either..."
Brian: "Fine. Then go ahead, but don’t come crying to me when you don’t succeed."
Justin: "I love that you’d do anything for me."
Brian: "Who said it was for you. I made an investment; I want it to pay off."
Justin: "Who gives a damn."
Justin: "He (Sapperstein) said I’d be pulling anywhere from two to three hundred a night."
Brian: "Well that better be all you’re pulling young man, and remember, you still have your schoolwork to do."
Justin: "And what if I don’t?"
Brian: "You’ll have to be spanked..."
Justin: "Yeah, just try. No, stop!"
Brian: "You. like. it?!"
Justin: "Ow! I was kidding! Oh yeah!"


Justin: "Can we please stay home, for one night, just the two of us?"
Brian: "You're too young to settle down."
Justin: "You're too old to f*ck around."


Justin: "You scared me!"
Brian: "Relax, it's not that kind of a shower scene!"


Brian: "So, how big’s his dick?"
Justin: "That has nothing to do with it."
Brian: "You love cock. You love it down your throat, you love it up your ass, you love riding it, and after you come, you love to fall asleep with it still inside you."

Justin: "He (Ethan) told me that I’m all he wants."
Brian: "They’re still using that one?"


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