Quotes - Brian & Justin


Staffel 3


Justin: "Christ, Brian!"
Brian: "Watch where you’re aiming."
Justin: "Can’t you wait till I’m finished?"
Brian: "What’s the big deal? I’ve seen it. Don’t forget to wash your hands. By the way, I hope you get what you want."


Justin: "So, it’s all about sex."
Brian: "Unless it’s about death, but death doesn’t sell tickets."


Justin: "What about me?"
Brian: "What about you? Do you expect him to sacrifice his career for a piece of blond boy ass? Is that your idea of true love, Sunshine?"


Brian: "Where’d you get the ring?"
Justin: "Ethan"
Brian: "How romantic!"
Justin: "Fuck all you’d know about romance."
Brian: "Keep it."
Justin: "That’s a big tip."
Brian: "Maybe you could buy him some flowers. I’m sure he’d like that."


Justin: "I was going to tell you."
Brian: "When?"
Justin: "After I got the job."
Brian: "You don’t have the job until I sign off, and I don’t sign off until I ask the potential candidate a few questions such as, what the fuck are you doing here?"
Justin: "As a part of our degree candidacy we’re required to get 3 credits of practical experience in our chosen field, so I wrote a letter to your head of the art department saying I wanted to intern, submitted my transcript, samples of my work, and here I am."
Brian: "Here you aren’t, there are other agencies where I don’t work."
Justin: "That has nothing do with it. Vanguard’s the best, working here will look great on my resume, I’ll make important contacts, ill learn things that I wouldn’t learn in the classroom."
Brian: "Learn them someplace else."
Justin: "That’s not fair; I was accepted based solely on my merit. It had no thing to do with you; I thought you’d be pleased."
Brian: "To see your face everyday?"
Justin: "I had no idea that our former relationship was still a problem for you."
Brian: "Who said it was a problem, and who said we were ever in a relationship?"
Justin: "Well, than I can see no reason that you would object to my completing my education, that you’re paying for."
Brian: "Well, just don’t expect any special treatment."
Justin: "I never have."

Justin: "I gave it some thought and decided you should take me back."
Brian: "Oh?"
Justin: "Even though I've made a few mistakes, I think you'd be making an even bigger one not giving me a second chance."
Brian: "I see."
Justin: "Cause now I understand what it is you want of me. And I know what I can expect from you."
Brian: "You also understand you'll be required to work long, hard hours -- sometimes deep into the night?"
Justin: "It would be a pleasure to work under you...Sir."
Brian: "And you're never to play violin music in my presence again."
Justin: "I promise."
Brian: "Good. Well then, you can start immediately."


Brians 11:00 Uhr Trick über Justin: "Who's he?"
Brian: "That's a difficult question to answer given the limitations of the language, and the conventionality of most people's thinking... Let's just say he's the guy I fuck more than once..."
Justin zu Trick: "Unlike you!"


Justin: "This sucks!"
Brian: "And not in a positive, life-affirming way!"


Justin: "So, what exactly do you want me to say to this guy?"
Brian: "Oh, be your natural self. Charm him with your witty repartee. ‘How’d you like to plough my smooth, tight ass?‘... And then, when he’s busy slobbering down your neck, you discretely pocket his cigarette butt."
Justin: "You’re going to owe me, like, 100 blowjobs for this."

Justin: "So you're just gonna take it lying down?"
Brian: "That's generally how it's done."
Justin: "I thought you wanted to get even."
Brian: "I just want to get laid."

Brian: " Twenty of Pittsburghs hottest, horniest hunks... and Debbie."
Justin: "Well, I know how much she wants to be a gay man, but is it wise to encourage her?"

Justin: "Look at all these old guys."
Brian: "Yeah, it's sad, isn't it?"
Justin: "Yeah, some of them are even older than you are. I guess at their age, if they want it, they got to pay for it."
Brian: "Another reason to die young."
Justin: "Or to accept the fact that youth and beauty are fleeting, that time will inevitably leave it's mark, and that we should accept our mortality with grace and dignity. Until then, I could really clean up in this place."


Brian: "Fucker didn’t show up."
Justin: "Well, we can go back again tomorrow night, I can dress up as a hustler, we can try again."
Brian: "You looked hot."
Justin: "This is gonna cost you a hundred dollars."
Brian: "We’re just pretending, remember?"
Justin: "Maybe you were."


Brian: "I think I'm experiencing possession withdrawal. I need to lie down."
Justin: "Good thing you didn't sell your bed!"
Brian: "I'd rather sell a kidney."

Justin: "Jesus Christ, Brian, now you don’t even have a car."
Brian: "Oh, now, I guess I’ve lost everything."
Justin: "Not everything."

Brian: "It used to be such a magical kingdom full of sprites and fairies."
Justin: "Now, it’s like watching The Wizard of Oz in reverse."
Brian: "Cops in the streets, cops in the bars, cops in the clubs. It's fucking depressing!"
Justin: "Unless you're into cops."

Brian: "I think I'm experiencing possession withdrawal. I need to lie down."
Justin: "Good thing you didn't sell your bed."
Brian: "I'd rather sell a kidney."

Justin: "I can't believe you did this. It's so…"
Brian: "Noble?"
Justin: "Out of character. What made you do it?"
Brian: "Some asshole (Justin) told me that if you believe in something strongly enough, you have to be willing to sacrifice everything."

Justin: "Jesus Christ, Brian. Now you don't even have a car."
Brian: "Ah, now I guess I've lost everything."
Justin: "Not everything."

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