Quotes - Brian & Justin

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Justin: "When you need help, you won’t take it. You wanna know why that is?"
Brian: "Pour quoi?"
Justin: "Because you always have to be the one in charge, the one who’s in control, the one who’s on top."

Brian: "Kinnetik."
Justin: "With two n’s."
Brian: "That’s clever."
Justin: "It’s genius."


Justin: "It's not the size that matters."
Brian: "Have I taught you nothing?"

Justin: "If you can win this account, then you’ll be back on top."
Brian: "For once, I’ll stick to the bottom."

Brian: "Somebody’s pissed off."
Justin: "Yeah, you would be too if you got your head bashed in."
Brian: "Yeah, I know. I was there."


Brian: "Is that what the well-dressed vigilante will be wearing this season?"
Justin: "Cody says it's important we be recognizable."
Brian: "Hmm, well, you'll be recognizable, all right. So, what weapon are you packing, the howitzer or bazooka?"
Justin: "Pepper spray."
Brian: "Whoo. Armed and ready for action. This Cody's thought of everything."
Justin: "I remember when my mother used to refer to you as THIS Brian."
Brian: "Well, your mom's no fool. She knew her little angel was getting himself into a peck of trouble. She's not wrong this time."


Justin: "The man that got away?"
Brian: "I was halfway up his ass".
Justin: "He must have heard that nasty rumor. You know the one about you having crabs?"
Brian: "I wonder how that happened?"
Justin: "Pack the sunscreen we're going to Ibiza."
Brian: "I wouldn't ditch my textbooks yet."


Brian: "A surprise awaits you. What's yours (Chinesischer Glückskeks) say?"
Justin: "The man you love will slowly and sensually peel off all his clothes for you, exposing his perfect body."
Brian: "Hmm."
Justin: "Then he will take out his beautiful dick and you can suck it."
Brian: "This is one long fortune."


Brian: "I thought I told you to get out?"
Justin: "I guess I didn't hear you. You tend to mumble a lot. You want some soup? It's Debbie's homemade recipe."
Brian: "No wonder I feel like barfing. Listen to me, you little shit, I don't want you here."
Justin: "I don't care what you want." (Brian packt Justin und will ihn hinaus werfen)
Justin: "You're not getting rid of me." (Justin wirft Brian zu Boden)
Justin: "Shit! Are you all right? Tell me you're all right."
Brian: "I'm all right."
Justin: "No you're not."
Brian: "Then what the hell are you asking me for?"
Justin: "So that I can tell you what a motherf*cking piece of shit you are for not telling me. For shutting me out. For thinking that you can handle this on your own. And most of all for thinking that I would leave. Why would you think that? Because you had a ball removed? Because you're no longer perfect? Well believe me, Mr. Kinney, that is the least of you r imperfections. And if I wanted to leave you, I've had better reasons, plenty of them".
Brian: "Maybe you should have."
Justin: "Yeah, maybe you're right, but I thought we had a commitment, and I plan to stand by it. Now, I want you to get your ass back in bed, you son of a bitch. And eat some f*cking chicken soup."


Justin: "What's up?"
Brian: "Funny you should ask."
Justin: "Whoa!"
Brian: "Is that a thing of beauty?"
Justin: "A joy forever!"


Justin: "So why the secrecy?"
Brian: "Because I don't want people like you saying, 'You can't, you mustn't.' I don't want every cunty faggot who goes to the gym saying, 'Poor Kinney, told you so."
Justin: "I have to hand it to you, your perseverance is surpassed only by your narcissism."
Brian: "And there you have the secret to my success."

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