Showtime - 12 July 2004

The first record I ever bought was... The Muppet's Sing Metal Machine Music
My favorite place to be is... semi-consciousness
When I have some free time I like to... shoot squirrels
When I'm feeling sporty I... shower
When I turned 18 I...burnt an effigy of my former self
Record I've currently been listening to... Electralane: The Power Out
A movie that has moved me recently was... Winter Light
My biggest vice is... revealing too much of myself in online questionnaires
If I weren't an actor I would be... on a TV show.
A song I know all the words to is... the entire album by Sigur Rós
The worst question I've ever been asked in an interview was... could you answer these questions as Justin?
The last concert I saw was... Gogol Bordello at Irving Plaza
My favorite quote is... "We knew the world generally sucked and we didn't want to be a part of it. We wanted to do something else, which amounts to not wanting to get up in the morning and have a real job." - Wayne Kramer Arts&Entertainment - 2004

When did you first become aware of gay issues? Conception
If you were to write /direct a same-sex love story, who would you visualize as the leads? Emmanuel Lewis and Harvey Keitel
What's your current favorite CD, book, writer, movie? Mick Harvey, "Pink Elephants"
Dennis Cooper, "Pastoralia" "Baise-Moi"

Fill in the blank: I am the _____ of my generation. BLANK
Fill in the blank: I always have ____ in my refrigerator. Tonic water
Who inspires you the most? My parents
Tell us something nobody knows about you. No way!
Describe your ideal mate. Embalmed
Who was your first celebrity crush? The girl who played Oliver in the first play I was ever in ... hmmm. She had a cute bowl cut and looked dark and brooding with that ash smeared on her face.
Squelch or confirm (or start) a rumor about yourself. OK, that is me in that video, but I was 7 and really drunk and wasn't sure what he was doing. I just wanted to touch the puppy.
The last movie I cried at/laughed out loud at was: I cried during "The Crucible" on Broadway. I didn't cry during the movie version though, I think I fell asleep.
What's your biggest guilty pleasure? Human companionship
Would you appear nude in a movie? Never. I think that's really trashy.
Fill in the blank: In high school, I was ____. Bored
What's your favorite getaway? Xanax